Some wait for adventure...

Others make adventure happen.


Yes, we'll be

open in 2021!

AEB 2021:

We will look different, but what doesn't these days? 

  • Limit of 120 people total at camp (our usual limit is 250)

  • We are planning on conducting food service, but accommodations will be made per new standards for group food service

  • Registration is now open - one advisor per post must register as the post leader. All other adults and explorers are campers.

  • Each post will have a limit of 15 people per initial registration.  If your post would like to bring more than 15 people please contact us and let us know. Second round sign ups will be on a first come first served basis. 

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Sean Tucker
Sean Tucker
Flightline Operations

Explorers and Advisors volunteer in many different areas of the convention including Homebuilt Aircraft Parking, Flightline Ops and Flightline Saftey. Extensive safety briefings are given to all volunteers then, under the careful guidance of experienced Explorers and Advisors, Explorers jump into action and help push/park Airplanes, control crowds at taxiway intersections and perform ground control functions on the taxiways.

Register to attend the Aviation Exploration Base. Experience 10 days of fun in the sun (wind, rain and snow possible... it's Wisconsin in the summer after all). 
Meet the Crew

The Aviation Exploration Base is staffed by a group of volunteers (mostly former Explorers) who provide training, aviation expertise, fun programming and food service expertise.  

About the Aviation Exploration Base

The Aviation Exploration Base located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is the place where Explorers and Advisors gather each year to learn about aviation and volunteer for AirVenture, the largest airshow in the world! Learning about aviation and service to others are the main goals of the Aviation Exploration Base. 

Explorers and Advisors camp outdoors and participate in shared camp duties like food service. There are three meals per day served out of the camp kitchen guided by staff and prepared by campers.