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You've heard of the endless vacation?  This is the week of endless aviation!  Explorers are definitely kept busy. From EAA activities, to Forums, to Aviation Exploration Base (AEB) in-house events, there is never a dull moment for our attendees. Throughout the week, you'll have an opportunity to meet and network with some fellow aviation enthusiasts, see a vast array of airplanes, and learn as much as you want to about the field of aviation. Ready to enjoy a week of camping, hanging out with great people, and explore the world of aviation? We'll see you in July!


Aviation Education and Flying at AEB

Interested in learning about weather, aircraft engineering, building airplanes?  The opportunities are endless.  Thousands of forums are conducted throughout the week.  Redbird Flight Simulators company conducts multiple sessions every day. Hundreds of commercial displays are available for visiting and opportunities abound for just "plane talk" with pilots and other aviation enthusiasts.


In Oshkosh, WI, the last week of July each year, Whitman Field is considered the busiest airport in the world. There's nothing like the experience of watching what's happening it the air.  Flight experiences are safer when conducted to your home airport, therefore there are no flying experiences allowed for the participants of the Aviation Exploration Base (Explorers and Advisors included). 

What's there to do? 

*Daily Volunteering

*Guest Speakers

*Late-Night Movies

*AEB Games/Activities

*Post Meetings

*Ground School Workshops


Youth Leader Elections

Every other year the National Aviation Explorer Representatives are elected at the Aviation Exploration Base. Participate in a real election process, weigh the candidates' presentations and cast your vote with your post. Elected candidates participate on the National Aviation Exploring Committee and occasionally travel to represent the Exploring program.  


Fly-In Theatre
Planes at Fly-in theater.jpg

From old favorites to recent blockbusters, the lineup of films at the EAA Fly-In Theater, presented by Airbus, will take visitors on a diverse journey through aviation history.  And new this year they will be introducing short-form programming on Wednesday and Saturday nights to reduce conflicts with the night air shows. Every night of the convention moviegoers can bring lawn chairs and blankets to the Fly-In Theater and enjoy programming projected on a five-story screen. And the popcorn’s free, too! Located adjacent to Camp Scholler, the Fly-In Theater is reminiscent of the drive-in theaters of the past. Each evening the show begins at approximately 8:30 p.m. (approximately 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday and Saturday to follow the night air shows). Each full-length screening is preceded by an entertaining and informative introduction featuring a mix of aviation notables, filmmakers, historians, and others who can provide insight and context to each film. The final lineup of movies and presenters is published just prior to the convention. 


Aviation Activities to do at Home

Quarentined at home?  Sick of pestering your siblings? Watched everything on the great Tube of You?  Check out these online resources to keep you flying while you're gounded.  


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