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At-Home Aviation

You've heard of the endless vacation?  This is the COVID-19 stay-cation!  When you're done in your virtual classroom, jump in the virtual cockpit.  Take a flight or just have some high-flying fun at home.  Stay safe!


Yout Tube.png
Visit Sporty's Pilot Shop's You Tube Channel for tons of instructional videos.
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Virtual Flight School
Free Virtual flight instruction at home or in the hanger.
driving plane
Visit the Aviation Exploring Activity Library.
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Red Bird has launched a virtual classroom. It is free and for any student 6th-12th grades. No aviation experience is necessary, nor is access to a simulator. 
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Air and Space.png
Learn by doing! Explore wing shapes and other factors affecting lift in How Wings Work, design and make your own Paper Airplane, take the Distance Challenge, and see the Forces of Flight in action. You can even practice flying with the Controlled Flight simulator or by building a rocket in Rocket Lab.
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