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Flightline Operations

Homebuilt Aircraft Parking

Homebuilt parking is the area that the Aviation Exploration Base partners most closely with.  Thousands of service hours are given to the parking and traffic flow of the homebuilt aircraft parking area.  Explorers push/park aircraft, provide the valuable job of safely controlling the crowds at busy taxiway intersections and learn to air marshal planes on the taxiways at show center. 

Point/Aircraft Marshalling

What is Point? Point or Aircraft Marshaling is a vital service performed on the AirVenture grounds. Aircraft Marshallers serve as the official ground control and traffic control on the active taxiways of the AirVenture grounds. To be eligible to marshal aircraft Explorers and Advisors:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Must have had two prior years of attendance at the Aviation Exploration Base.

  • Must have completed the Point Checklist with an advisor’s signature. Download checklist here.

  • Must indicate interest on Camp Doc through the registration process.

Once Explorers and Advisors meet these qualifications, they will enter into a multi-year training program in order to become point qualified.  

Counting Planes

We volunteer with the FAA and the air traffic controllers to provide a service where we count the takes offs and landings on runway 18/36. This service is preformed by sitting directly off the runway.  For that reason and due to EAA regulations, only those 18 years of age and older will be scheduled for this area to volunteer. Volunteering in this area can be done in addition to regularly scheduled flight duties. 

North 40
IMG_1657b - Copy.jpg

Flight Line Ops (FLO) or North 40 operations is on the north end of the AirVenture grounds. Volunteers work on the taxiways directing traffic and parking aircraft under power. Explorers must be 16 years old and have one prior year experience volunteering at the Aviation Exploration Base to volunteer in the North 40. 

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